Bobbi Dupré is a talented specialist offering guidance into self-discovery through the understanding that our Thoughts Become Things and that we are the ultimate creators of our reality. A trained scientist by education and biochemist by profession, Bobbi thrives in educating others about leading edge concepts and discovery which serve the needs of individuals and greater humanity.

Having been on her own journey of self-discovery for the last 20 years, Bobbi is a passionate advocate for the awakening of the inner self, and truly wants to guide others into awareness that all things are possible to achieve their life’s purpose- happiness.

Embracing the ideas of “Infinite Possibilities” by Mike Dooley and the daily “Notes from the Universe” as catalysts for self-discovery, Bobbi has created a life that she loves, the source of which is both her declaration and mantra: I am Abundance, Joy and Choice, which creates the opening and opportunity to achieve those.

IP Certification Certificate001As a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer with the Mike Dooley organization that presents the dynamics of embracing our own Infinite Possibilities, Bobbi has launched Think Create Become Workshops as a platform to guide others in achieving their dreams and aspirations for happiness and meaning in their lives every moment of their lives.

She has also completed the Landmark Education’s intensive four course Curriculum for Living with their valuable distinctions and perspectives on self-awareness and creating a powerful and successful life that you love.

Think Create Become Workshops offer clients the opportunity to look beyond their current belief systems, to understand what else is possible, to create their new reality in a small group environment of clarity, support and openness.

If you enjoy being around a person who has a playful spirit and loves to help people find humor in life’s twists and turns, then this women is the one to meet. Once you encounter her buoyant energy, contagious laughter and depth of knowledge, you will want to be a friend.

– Mandy G., 2015